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Latest News

Wabash National Corporation Signs Exclusive Agreement with EconCore N.V. to Offer New Composite Technology in North America Wabash National Corporation (NYSE: WNC), a diversified industrial manufacturer and North America’s leading producer of semi-trailer and liquid transportation systems, has announced a new agreement with EconCore N.V..

[view details]21-09-2016

EconCore licenses technology for thermoplastic honeycomb panels and automotive applications in North America EconCore, the technology provider for continuous production of honeycomb sandwich materials, is pleased to announce that it has signed a license agreement with a leading textile manufacturer in North America.

[view details]02-09-2016

ThermHex Waben GmbH exhibits at VDI leichtbaukongress ThermHex Waben GmbH exhibits at VDI leichtbaukongress

[view details]30-05-2016

EconCore to Work Collaboratively with DuPont Performance Materials to Produce Strong, High- Temperature Resistant Honeycomb Panels EconCore and DuPont Performance Materials (DuPont) are combining their technologies in order to make wide, strong and rigid honeycomb panels with unique performance.

[view details]09-05-2016

EconCore sponsors the ICSS11 EconCore is sponsoring the 11th International Conference on Sandwich Structures (March 20-22, 2016), which will be held at Florida Atlantic University, Fort Lauderdale, USA.

[view details]22-03-2016

                                ECONOMIC SANDWICH MATERIAL PRODUCTION

EconCore provides core technologies for most economic honeycomb sandwich panels and parts and supports customers and licensees in their application development.

EconCore offers:

  • economic honeycomb cores for lightweight, cost optimal and high quality sandwich panels and parts
  • honeycomb sandwich technologies to minimise weight and CO2 emissions
  • technologies for automated continuous production of thermoplastic honeycombs (ThermHex)
  • product & process development services for specific applications
  • integration of our production technology into continuous in-line production of sandwich panels & parts


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