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Latest News

EconCore/ThermHex Waben present Porsche 550 Spyder parts with ThermHex PP honeycombs In the span of less than two weeks EconCore and ThermHex Waben have successfully exhibited at composites shows on two continents, at Composites Europe in Germany and CAMX in the USA.

[view details]18-11-2014

EconCore exhibits at CAMX! EconCore will present its technology and products at CAMX, the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo in October 2014 in the USA.

[view details]07-07-2014

Continuous honeycomb production technology EconCore provides a cutting edge production technology that enables its customers to produce cores and sandwich panels at optimal performance and lowest cost.

[view details]30-06-2014

Plastic honeycomb goes large-scale EconCore’s (Leuven, Belgium) continuous thermoplastic honeycomb production process called ThermHex has been around for more than a decade.

[view details]25-06-2014

Time to cut the fat: Increasing demand of lightweight panels in the furniture industry The demand for lightweight wooden panels has always been on the higher side in the aerospace and automobile sectors.

[view details]20-06-2014

                                ECONOMIC SANDWICH MATERIAL PRODUCTION

EconCore provides core technologies for most economic honeycomb sandwich panels and parts and supports customers and licensees in their application development.

EconCore offers:

  • economic honeycomb cores for lightweight, cost optimal and high quality sandwich panels and parts
  • honeycomb sandwich technologies to minimise weight and CO2 emissions
  • technologies for automated continuous production of thermoplastic honeycombs (ThermHex)
  • product & process development services for specific applications
  • integration of our production technology into continuous in-line production of sandwich panels & parts


EconCore provides core technologies for most economic honeycomb sandwich panels and parts

EconCore aims to provide technologies enabling our clients to produce honeycomb core material, panels and parts at lower cost than any competitor.

EconCore offers technologies for continuous production of most economic honeycomb cores from paper (TorHex) and thermoplastic materials (ThermHex) which allow an in-line further processing to lightweight, cost efficient and high quality sandwich panels and parts.

EconCore supports customers and licensees in their application development and integration of the EconCore technologies in existing production lines.

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